I've begun tinkering with Mobile Processing. This lets you use your knowledge of Processing to develop software that runs on Java enabled mobile phones (running J2ME). To install them, you must:

If you've reached this page on your mobile device's browser, please check it's compatibility before trying to install one of these applications. Then select the application you wish to download to your mobile device:

  1. Bounce Game with vibration (not supported on all phones)
  2. Bounce Game without vibration
  3. Kinda Pong

Let me know what you think!

BE WARNED: this stuff is very experimental. I am running them on a Nokia 6555 but I'm not testing for compatibility on other systems. In theory it should work on a variety of devices, but if it doesn't work for you, I probably won't know why. And if it breaks your phone, it certainly isn't my fault. There are instructions for testing your phone.