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Mars Altimetery Graph ver B
run the sketch—view the code—download

How do you use it?
Primarily just watch and enjoy. A mouse click toggles the drawing of the green lines. (This looks best if you let it run for a while so I recommend downloading and running it in Processing locally.)

What is it?
This is a functioning version of Friday’s post. I thought it might help me figure out the MEGDR Viewer if I looked at the same data in a different way, so I enlisted the techniques from the Line Graph sketch. It now creates an overlapping area graph of Mars altimetry data*. I switched to continuous mode (i.e. using setup() and draw()), and had to load the data into a string instead of a byte array. I could only get the byte array to work if it was instantiated inside of draw(). Loading a 2MB file in each cycle of the draw loop made it unbearably slow.

Smith, D., G. Neumann, R. E. Arvidson, E. A. Guinness,
and S. Slavney, “Mars Global Surveyor Laser Altimeter Mission
Experiment Gridded Data Record”, NASA Planetary Data System,
MGS-M-MOLA-5-MEGDR-L3-V1.0, 2003.

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