Countdown Clock // ver DUH!

run the sketch—view the code

Download app: OSX, Windows

How do you use it?
The UP and DOWN arrows increase and decrease the countdown time in 5-minute increments. The TAB key restarts the countdown at the current time setting.

What is it?
A visual countdown timer. Time = area. You choose how much time you want to allot for completing a certain task and then leave this baby running in the corner of your screen. The red wedges show you the passing of each second and the number tells you how many minutes are left. The yellow circle gives a visual representation of the quantity of time remaining. No matter how many minutes you start with, the yellow circle an the red circle start out the same size. This provides a point of comparison as the yellow circle shrinks.
(see the digiLog Clock post for more of my musings on the subject of time)
Why is it cool?
On the last version I was changing the diameter of the yellow circle every second. My intention was for area to be equivalent to time. It occurred to me (while I was waiting in a doctor’s office, staring at a clock) that calculating the diameter resulted in a non-linear relationship between the passing of each second and the area of the circle—time and area were not equivalent. So I changed the math and now the area of the yellow circle shrinks in direct proportion to the time (the diameter is now the non-linear one).

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