bounceGame Mobile

[image coming soon]
run the sketch—view the code—download files for phone

How do you use it?
The direction keys on your phone change the speed of the ball. Vertical and horizontal motion are independent of one another. The effect is relative to the ball’s current direction of travel. Press in the opposite direction to slow it down, and in the same direction to speed it up. E.g. While the ball is moving to the left, it will speed up each time you press the left-arrow, and slow down with each press of the right-arrow. While the ball is moving to the right, the left-arrow slows it down and the right-arrow speeds it up. The up- and down-arrows have the same effects on the vertical component. (NOTE: If it’s going crazy fast and you can’t get it under control, restart the app. The speed is set randomly when the program launches.)

What is it?
A mobile app! A game of sorts. Can you get the ball to stop?

Why is it cool?
I’ve begun tinkering with Mobile Processing. This lets you use your knowledge of Processing to develop software that runs on Java enabled mobile phones (running J2ME). Very cool. I’ll be posting my Mobile Processing projects here. To install them, use your phone’s browser to go to Let me know what you think!

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