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Where’s the Shizzle?

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Where's the Shizzle?
view the sketch—view the code

How do you use it?
Move the mouse around over the picture.

What is it?
To help better demonstrate the idea of the for loop, I wanted to make the numbers visible. Since I had found my muse in Snoop Dogg, and since the image is from his The Doggfather album figured I’d use a Godfather-style typeface. I promptly downloaded a free font from some website, and got back to coding. Except I can’t get the numbers to show up!

Why is it cool?
Well… right now it’s not cool ’cause it ain’t working. I’ve tried converting it to a char(), building it up in a string, putting the int right in the text command. Nothing! It echos to the debugging pane if I use a println, but I can’t get the number to render in the sketch window.
Oh, and I did comment-out the background(); call in the draw() loop so that the faces build up.

Loose ends:
Getting the value of shizzle to display.

for shizzle = 0; shizzle++;

Saturday, September 29th, 2007


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My (soon to be former) ISP made an unannounced server migration and software “upgrades” that vaporized two weeks worth of email and are making WordPress list all of the entries in reverse order. For those of you here for the files from my Processing session at Flashbelt, keep an eye on the Flashbelt 08 category in the sidebar. Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience while I get this sorted out.


view the sketch—view the code

Introducing… the Snoop loop. It’s important that variable names are concise yet descriptive and easy to remember. Why do we always settle for things like “i” and “n” for counters? I hereby propose that “shizzle” be the new convention for naming a counter variable in for loops. It seems only natural. Let the revolution begin…