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Touch-screen Mobile Timer

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Countdown Timer screen shot
view the pageview the code

I am resurrecting Countdown Timer from, oh, about, 4 years ago! I have yet to find a simple timer app for iPhone that I like; so why not make one myself?

So, it’s not an iOS app (yet…), but to get it running on the mobile, quick-and-dirty-like, I used processing.js to throw it into and HTML5 <canvas>. I have also begun re-working the controls to be more touch-appropriate. For example, it no longer relies on keyboard input to adjust the time; now you increase and decrease the time in 5-minute increments by simply tapping (or clicking) in the top or bottom half of the page.

There are still a few kinks to work out and some maths to tweak, but I think its a pretty good proof-of-concept for ~20 minutes of work.

Video Leaf // part e

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

download the app (Mac only)—view the code (main file, leaf class)

The color filling the brown leaf is calculated by averaging the hue of every pixel in the video frame. The color in the green leaf is just green. Hey, it’s a work-in-progress…

Video Leaf // ver E
The leaf shape is an SVG. Its fill color determined by the average color of the webcam input. The leaf veins are a transparent PNG overlaid on the SVG.

This sketch cannot run in the browser because of security issues with the applet accessing the webcam. If you are running OS X and have a webcam, you can download a standalone app of the sketch.

This is a test for a piece I am developing for a gallery installation. More details to come…

About Time

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

About Time. A clock for kairos time.

run the sketch—view the code

How do you use it?
Tell somebody about what time it is.

What is it?
A clock… sort of. This sketch is just a modification of the anaLog Clock from last March. Watch it for a few seconds if you can. It’s drawing the clock hands at random distances from where they should be according to the actual time. The result… you can only tell about what time it is. I know it’s hard to watch, but that’s really not the point. I’d like to polish it up a little, but for now, consider it a proof of concept.

Why is it cool?
My life is a constant struggle with time. Or, more specifically, chronos time. If I can avoid knowing the “exact” time, I’m all for it. Maybe this is clock for kairos time.

Scanning the pixels[] Array

Friday, November 7th, 2008
Diagram of the Processing sketch output

run the sketch—view the code

How do you use it?
There is no interactivity. Just sit back and watch.

What is it?
Two things: First, it is an example of loading and scanning the pixels[] array. Second, it is the first step in the development of a program that will play images as sound. Stay tuned…

Mars Altimetery Graph // ver A

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Code of Mars Altimetery Graph
download the sketch—view the code

What is it?
I thought it might help me figure out the MEGDR Viewer if I looked at the same data in a different way. This sketch is meant to render an area graph of Mars altimetry data. It is written to run in basic mode since it is meant to render one image and there is no interactivity. But… it doesn’t work. I either get a file not accessible error on the loadBytes line, or the drawing window simply never pops up. Maybe I’m being too impatient and I should let it run overnight. But even if that is the case, something must still be wrong with my code because this shouldn’t be that hard for the computer.

Mars Global Surveyor: MEGDR Viewer // ver D

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Mars Global Surveyor: MEGDR Viewer// ver D
run the sketch—view the code—download

How do you use it?
Press any key to switch between the color and grayscale rendering of the data file.

What is it?
The continuation of version C. Because these were the first images I saw, I was mistakenly assuming there was color information in the data file. So all of my attempts to extract RGB values from the data were pointless.

Mars Global Surveyor: MEGDR Viewer // ver C

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Mars Global Surveyor: MEGDR Viewer// ver C
run the sketch—view the code

How do you use it?
Move the mouse up and down to adjust the color offset.

What is it?
This is an interactive version of Monday’s sketch. It’s another attempt at rendering an image from a Mars Orbiter Laser Altimetry data file. It’s also confounding, infuriating, and not working. I can’t quite get my head wrapped around the bitwise operations and the bitmasking. It’s getting a wider range of colors, and it’s revealing more detail in the image, but I don’t understand why the colors aren’t smooth.